The Pathology Partnership

Atlantis Medical Proud to announce their Strategic Relationship with The Pathology Partnership

Atlantis Medical is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with The Pathology Partnership (The Partnership). The role of Atlantis Medical in this partnership will be to deliver a wide range of core support services including recruitment services.

From the 1st of September, Atlantis Medical will have full responsibility for the management of temporary staffing at The Partnership which will include introducing a Master Vendor solution.

The Partnership  is a joint venture between six separate NHS Trusts in Hertfordshire and East of England which have been working together to improve the delivery of pathology services to patients, GPs and hospitals. The Partnership was initiated to meet the challenges and changes demanded by NHS England commissioners with respect to the status of pathology services in the country. The Partnership follows the best practice recommendations that were outlined in the Carter Report on Pathology in 2008.  It is the aim of Atlantis Medical to assist The Partnership in delivering significant benefits and efficiencies to all parties involved with the work that is being carried out in hospitals and GP surgeries.

Atlantis Medical is perfectly placed to support The Pathology Partnership

With over eleven years  experience in the specialist healthcare recruitment consultancy industry, Atlantis Medical has developed an excellent reputation and expertise in offering a first class solution for NHS and private health service providers.

With a customer focused approach that provides a level of expert and personal contact with all clients and candidates, Atlantis Medical believes it can provide The Partnership  with the standard of service it needs and requires to meet their targets and provide the highest standard of service to patients, end-users and clients.

Atlantis Medical aims to meet with existing suppliers to The Partnership  as soon as possible to ensure that the best possible standard of service is provided to The Partnership  in the short and long term. With all healthcare providers and organisations looking to obtain value for money while offering the highest standard of service possible, Atlantis Medical looks forward to working closely with The Partnership to help the organisation's efforts in meeting all of its aims and targets.