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Call for continual professional development for Nurses

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25 JAN 2019

No matter the profession, employees want to feel as though there is scope for development. Training and development are often integral components of a job and if an employee doesn’t feel as though they are being supported by their employer, they will likely look for a job with a position that can provide them with this support.

The NHS isn’t just any employer and nurses have to undertake a considerable amount of training and studying to enter the industry, but most professionals still want to develop new skills. Whether this is to facilitate promotion and better wages or just to remain interested and to keep on challenging themselves, it is vital that professional development can be obtained in the workplace.

Findings from a working group have stated that professional development should be regarded as the responsibility for nurses but all employers should make professional development possible, and it should be supported as best they can.

There is a drive to retain nurses within the NHS

This comes on the back of the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan. It was stated that health professional leaders expected for continuing professional development to be supported with an increase in investment over a five-year period. This is part of a plan to ensure that nurses are retained within the NHS.

There is a lot of concern about the long-term future of nurses, and the NHS. A lot of focus falls on bringing new nurses in, but there needs to be a focus on retaining nurses too. A failure to do so would create serious problems with experienced nurses leaving their post, leaving new and inexperienced nurses to make up for the shortfall.

Retaining nurses will provide a better service to patients

This scenario would place new nurses under considerable pressure, and it would likely lead to patients receiving a poorer standard of service. Therefore, for the good of the country, the issue of retaining existing nurses and ensuring they feel valued and allowed to develop in the workplace is vital.

The document follows the publication last week of the new NHS Long Term Plan, in which health service leaders said they “expect” to increase investment in CPD over the next five years, as part of efforts to retain nurses and other current health service staff.
At Atlantis Medical, we know the training and development nurses undergo to be in a position where they can work in the NHS.

However, there is never a period when a nurses’ training or development should be considered over. There are always new techniques and practices to learn, and it is important that nurses retain their skills and not develop bad habits.

Continuing professional development should be at the heart of the nursing sector, for the improved service provided to patients but also because it will help to retain nurses. No matter the industry, if employees don’t feel as though they are being supported and backed, they will likely develop other career ambitions where they feel as though they can grow.


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