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Can additional funds be promised to NHS now?

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05 DEC 2018

While most people are pleased to hear about more money being allocated or promised to the NHS, the money must be provided. There would be nothing worse for many people than a promise of financial backing for the NHS to be made and then not followed through on. Any promise of funding to the NHS will raise expectations. If this isn’t delivered, there will be a sense of disappointment but if it is delivered, will it place too much pressure on other parts of the budget?

It is easy to see that there are many concerns over backing the NHS but there are probably still more concerns about not backing the NHS. This creates a situation where some people will prefer to do nothing, but this isn’t an option either.

There was a press release created which stated; “The prime minister set out a major new investment in primary and community healthcare – worth £3.5 billion a year in real terms by 2023-4 – which builds on the existing NHS budget for these services. This represents a historic commitment to ensure a growing share of overall NHS spending for primary medical and community healthcare”.

People are wary of financial promises

It may not have been written on the side of a bus, but it is a clear and firm commitment that additional money will be found for the NHS. This is positive news and it is certainly something to be welcomed.

Of course, there will always be people willing to point out that promised riches are never as enticing as they seem. A Senior Policy Analyst at Nuffield Trust, Sally Gainsbury, said; “This additional money amounts to annual increases that are broadly in line with the 3.4 per cent overall that the NHS in England is getting over the next five years … far from representing a big shift in funding towards out-of-hospital services, this money will simply allow GPs and community services to keep up with demand over the next five years”.

Governments have long made big claims about funding

Many observers have stated that this movement, either a bold move or a sleight of hand depending on your political viewpoint, is nothing new. Comparisons have been made to the Labour Government and the way that Gordon Brown, who was the Chancellor of the time, would manage to make promised money for public services sound as though it was new and exciting funding.

There is a need to be realistic right now. With Brexit looming over us, it is likely that there will be many financial hardships to come. The Bank of England has made a series of terrifying economic predictions regarding what happens if a No Deal Brexit occurs. While the situation may not reach these predicted levels, it is unlikely that there will be much spare money floating around to invest.

Therefore, this may not be the best time to make bold claims about new investment and a renewed vigour in supporting the NHS. At Atlantis Medical, we know that the NHS desperately needs more money and support. However, we also know that these are unprecedented times in the United Kingdom, and making outlandish claims isn’t a sensible idea.

We all hope that more money is found for the NHS, but it would be wrong to overstate what is coming and the sources it comes from.


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