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Chocolate banned by NHS

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27 FEB 2018

There have been many news stories of late talking about the NHS cutting out food options that are bad for your health. Some people will moan about limited options but there is an agreement that the NHS should be doing what it can to help people help themselves.

However, with respect to the latest disagreement about what the NHS stocks, this isn’t a move that has been taken to improve the health of patients, employees and their guests. This step has been taken due to a row over money. Disagreements over cost is nothing new in the NHS but this is a slightly different issue. Over NHS Trusts will be affected by this measure and it is down to an increase in price of products like Crunchies and Dairy Milk.

Savings must be made within the NHS

The company involved in the confectionary row, Mondolez, increased prices and when you think about how the NHS is battling to maintain or improve its finances, there is a need to focus on cutting costs wherever possible. NHS Supply is the organisation which is responsible for connecting NHS Trusts with so many suppliers and it has been told to make savings of £300 million each year. This is a significant amount of money that must be saved, and it is understandable that there will be a focus on lowering costs.
This move will be a blow for some people and there is a need to balance morale and how people feel about the organisation. We all know that chocolate bars are far from ideal for your health, and it is good that the NHS is reviewing what products they stock. However, for many health employees, an occasional sugary treat may be something which keeps them going or which provides them wi8th a sugar boost that helps them get through their shift.

An occasional treat can be of benefit

If this sort of treat is enjoyed on too regular a basis, it can cause problems but on rare occasions, it can help people power through a difficult day. It is not as though the merits of chocolate bars are at the heart of this situation, but it is an aspect that matters when the NHS is at stake. Sometimes it is the insignificant things that matter and even though there are many major issues to contend with in the NHS, the phrase about the “straw that broke the camel’s back” is one that some people may be thinking about right now.

At Atlantis Medical, we know that the NHS is under severe pressure and that employees are working considerably hard to provide the best possible service to patients. The balance that has to be found in the NHS is tough and a lot of difficult decisions have to be made. However, there is no denying that the passion shown for small matters in the NHS indicates that this is an organisation that people care about.

It may just be a chocolate bar at stake but the fact that so many people in and around the NHS care about the matter signifies just how important the NHS is.


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