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Happy Birthday to our NHS

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11 JUL 2018

There has been a lot of things for British people to focus on in the past week but the 70th birthday of the NHS is one of the most important things. This is a crucial anniversary for the much-loved organisation and even though we all know the pressure that the NHS faces, the fact that so many people, from around the world, have shared their happiness and praise for the NHS indicates that this is one of the things that makes Great Britain truly great.

As you would expect, Atlantis Medical is keen to send its best wishes to the NHS, and to all the employees that help make the NHS what it is. We have first-hand experience of the expertise, the determination, the love and affection that NHS professionals show in their work and we are pleased to say that we have helped play a role in making the National Health Service the organisation that people know and trust.

Celebrations for the NHS

There were significant celebrations on Thursday the 5th of July, including services at York Minster and Westminster Abbey. These events marked the day when Aneurin Bevan, the Health Secretary of the time, launched the NHS in the Park Hospital in Manchester. This is now the Trafford General Hospital and the link to the past is evident that the NHS has been with us all these years, and even though it faces troubled times, it is still a prominent aspect of British life.

Buildings have long since disappeared while technology is continually changing but one constant in the NHS has been the employees. For many people, it is the nurses, the doctors, the orderlies and in more recent times, the physiotherapists and other specialist professionals that make up the NHS. Receiving medical assistance is often a daunting process but it is the medial professionals who administer the treatments and provide care for the people who suffer that have made the NHS the institution that is loved and adored.

The NHS is at the heart of British life for many people

In a week when there has been political turmoil in the UK, there are fears that the NHS can slip from view while other matters are discussed and debated. This cannot be allowed to happen because the NHS remains an integral part of the fabric of British life. In an era when the notion of Britishness is at the heart of many people’s every thought and action, one of the most British aspects of life must be maintained.

The most fitting gift that we can give to the NHS is backing and support that will help it be around for another 70 years, and hopefully more. There have been many elements that split opinion in Great Britain in recent times, so when there is a matter that pulls virtually the whole country together, it is clearly something worth fighting for. Therefore, we are very pleased to say Happy 70th Birthday NHS and we hope that the organisation is still around making a difference in British life for many years to come.


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George 11/07/2018

Happy Birthday to the NHS, a great service.