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How will the NHS fare under new Health Secretary?

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31 JUL 2018

With the new Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, still being younger than 40 years old, many people are questioning whether he can lead the NHS through an incredibly trying time in its history. Then again, it may be that a younger person with fresh ideas and the energy to make changes is what the NHS has been crying out for. This is a hugely challenging time for the NHS and it is essential that changes and developments are made in an effective manner, which places a lot of stress and pressure on the organisation and the new man in charge.

Hancock has shown himself to be a person that puts his career first, thinking about the bigger picture. Not too many MPs would accept a demotion with good grace but in doing so, Hancock remained in the Theresa May Government, ensuring that he wasn’t purged like so many of his fellow MPs. It could be argued that this ability to look at the wider picture and being able to take a step back to move forward later is something that can benefit the NHS.

Will Hancock help the NHS become more digital?

There have been many calls for the NHS to be more digital in their approach and it could be that Matt Hancock is the politician to lead the way. After all, Hancock was recognised as being the first MP to launch his own smartphone app, an act which took place earlier this year.

Not everyone has been a fan of the app with Big Brother Watch, a privacy rights group, slaughtering the app because of the information it collected from users. It may be that if the NHS is to go digital in the future, Hancock should let professionals handle the work.

The Health Secretary position is a challenging role

There is no denying that the Health Secretary is one of the most challenging roles in Great Britain these days. Therefore, some observers say that a man with the confidence that Hancock has shown is likely to be the right man for the job, or at least the best possible person for the role.

At Atlantis Medical, we have witnessed a wide range of NHS employees give their very best for the organisation and the least these professionals deserve is someone who defends them and shows a high regard of respect. This wasn’t an outcome that many NHS professionals felt they received from Jeremy Hunt, so it is important to move on from that era and look to build a better and brighter future for the NHS. Whether Matt Hancock is the person who will help the NHS move forward in the correct manner remains to be seen but there is no denying that he has the belief which could help him achieve many of the proposed outcomes.

Following on from an unpopular predecessor is never an unpleasant situation to be in and all eyes are on Matt Hancock and the NHS.


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