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Importance of NHS can be seen in people’s support

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07 FEB 2018

The importance of the NHS has been in a new poll which indicates that most people in the country would be willing to dip into their pockets to provide additional support to the National Health Service. When you consider the fact that many people are struggling financially themselves these days, there is a clear level of support and backing for the NHS in the UK.

63% of respondents to a poll carried out by The Mirror and Survation said that they would be willing to pay an additional 1% in tax if the money was guaranteed to go towards helping the NHS. This may not seem like a lot of money but it could provide the NHS with an additional £5.5 billion, which would certainly make a difference. With regards to the impact it would have on an individual, it is believed that anyone earning £27,600, which is classed as the average wage in the UK, would pay £3.50 a week. Depending on your personal circumstances, this may be a sum of money that you wouldn’t miss too much, so you may be willing to get involved at this rate.

People would pay more to support NHS
People were also asked if they would be willing to pay £1 a week to support the NHS, and this received the backing of 73% of respondents. Given the increasing concerns about private health care companies moving in on the NHS, it is only natural that people would like to get involved in helping the NHS to remain the institution that it currently is. If people were to pay an additional £1 a week, the money raised would amount to £2.75 billion per year.

Over 50% of respondents said that they would be more than happy to pay an additional £2 a week to support the NHS while a third of respondents said that they would be happy to pay £5 per week. If this was the case, the NHS would benefit from bringing in an additional £13.75 billion, which is a sum of money that would make a big difference to the organisation.

People took to the streets to back NHS
The show of support for the NHS was also seen in the volume of people who took to the streets for the Save the NHS march. The BBC may not have decided that this was an event that deserved much coverage but with social media allowing people to share their images, video footage and thoughts on the event, many people are willing to act in order to support the NHS and help it through an increasingly difficult time.

At Atlantis Medical, we know that there is huge support for the NHS and that people want the NHS to prosper and flourish. There are many pressures on the Government and the economy these days, which means it can be difficult to find the money to support every great cause but given what the NHS gives back, there is a need to ensure that help is provided. The will of the people with respect to the NHS can be seen in the actions of the population, and if it takes the population to save the NHS, it may just come to this.



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Majid Alborz 07/02/2018

Just like Auto Enrolment for pensions, which has been a success, I think a similar scheme for the NHS can work.