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Increase in numbers of people waiting on scans in NHS

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02 MAY 2018

When it comes to medical treatment, it is often the uncertainty and the waiting around for news that is the worst aspect of the process. This is a very trying time and when you are waiting on results or you are looking to obtain a prognosis, there is no denying that a lot of people fear the worst. A lengthy waiting provides more opportunity for people’s minds to wander and the news that there was a surge in the volume of patients waiting for scans and x-rays in the NHS will be a concern for some.

This information was part of a leaked national performance report, the NHS Benchmarking Report. This was leaked to a leading reporter of healthcare studies in the UK and it reported that 95% anonymised Trusts were experiencing significant delays with respect to scans and delays. There was an average backlog of 2,800 for “unreported” scans in 2016/17. Compared to the figures for 2015/17, this was a 130% increase on the figures of 1,250.

Some Trusts have a huge backlog

It has been reported that a major factor in the increase of these figures is down to the fact that there aren’t enough radiologists to meet the demand. The report was dated December 2017 and it stated that two Trusts of a medium size had backlogs of more than 30,000. There was also one large Trust which has a backlog of close to 25,000. There were Trusts with a much smaller backlog, some coming in at fewer than 100, so not all Trusts are failing badly but overall, there are concerns as to what is happening with respect to scans and x-rays.

The fact that a lot of the responsibility for these matters are related to a lack of employees is a crucial factor. This is another example of the NHS failing to find funds for vital roles and services that need to be offered. At Atlantis Medical, we understand that there is a huge level of demand across a wide range of medical departments, so it is no surprise that some parts of the NHS are struggling when it comes to providing the expected level of service.

These figures may be out of date and even more concerning

Of course, there is a concern that these figures could be out of date by now and that the issue is much more prominent than even these figures suggest. There is no shortage of areas of concern within the NHS but this matter, a key component of emergency services, is a worrying aspect. There is a lot of focus on the need for improvement in NHS services but with so much pressure on finances from a wide range of sources, it can be difficult to have any notable impact.

For now, this is one issue that the NHS needs to examine and work towards improving but of course, there are many departments and teams saying the same.


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