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New Prime Minister Backing NHS?

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09 AUG 2019

A new Prime Minister means a lot of questions that need to be answered. While Brexit is the number one topic of debate for anyone with a political slant in the UK, Boris Johnson has a lot of significant issues and critical issues to consider. The NHS is one of the most integral topics that he should focus on, and on the first day of the job, the NHS arose.

The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, wasted no time in questioning the Prime Minister on the future of the NHS. Corbyn asked the Prime Minister to "rule out once and for all" the notion the NHS could be sold off to healthcare companies from America.

The relationship between Johnson and Trump leaves many people concerned about the future of the NHS under this Government. Many in the Conservative Party would personally make a lot of money from the privatisation of the NHS, and people are worried this will lead to the NHS being sold off.

New PM spoke out on NHS

Boris Johnson said; "Under no circumstances would we agree to any deal, any free trade deal, that put the NHS on the table and it is not for sale." The Prime Minister took the opportunity to praise the Conservative Party, saying; "for 44 years of its 71-year existence, it is the NHS that has benefitted from Conservative policies and Conservative government".

While many healthcare professionals will welcome this statement, it is vital to be cautious. After all, Boris was a driving force behind the big red bus which promised huge weekly sums to the NHS if we left the European Union. That claim has fallen by the wayside, so some people will look for action as opposed to words to determine if the new Prime Minister is true to his word regarding the future of the NHS.

There is a lot of work for the Government to do

Of course, Brexit and the NHS aren't the only matters the new Prime Minister must consider. However, some of the additional issues also impact on Britain's healthcare system. The loss of workers is a significant concern for many in the NHS, which means immigration is a hot topic. The Prime Minister addressed the House of Commons on this topic, promising a consultation into a point-based immigration system. This system is likely to be similar to the one utilised by Australia.

Johnson said; "No one believes more strongly than me in the benefits of migration to our country" but insisted that the "immigration system has to change".

At Atlantis Medical, we appreciate these are challenging times for the entire nation. There are many important topics to consider, and politicians have a lot of work to do in the next few months. However, the current state of the NHS is critical, and work needs to be undertaken to support it.

The fact the NHS was one of the first topics put to the new Prime Minister indicates how important it is, and why it needs support from the Government.


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