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NHS leaders need more support to reach targets

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27 NOV 2017

Any good organisation needs to have targets in place to ensure that employees are working towards goals and that people can be properly evaluated. It is only when you can measure people’s ability and activities that you have a true reflection on what they are actually doing compared to what they should be doing. However, all of these goals need to be realistic and there has to be an understanding of the external factors that may prevent people from achieving what they would like to.

This is something that is very pertinent in the NHS these days and there are fears that many leaders in the organisation face the task of reaching standards that are “unjust and unfair”. Chris Hopson is the Chief Executive at NHS Providers and he says that many careers are being jeopardised by employees having to meet impossible targets for their performance.

Mr Hopson made these comments before he spoke at the conference for the organisation and he outlined the huge difference between what is expected by politicians, and the system, and what is actually happening in the workplace. He also made renewed calls for more funding for the NHS because with this additional funding, there would be no real way of achieving the targets that have been set. This creates a system where leaders are unable to reach their targets, which means they are dubbed as failures.

Failing to meet targets can harm morale

This is a very depressing state of affairs to get into and it would harm staff morale. This is also the sort of thing that permeates down through the workplace because when bosses are underperforming or under severe pressure, they often turn on their staff members or ask that they carry out work that is beyond their level too. Before too long, the organisation is being stretched to breaking point and there comes a time when someone has to say that enough is enough. At Atlantis Medical, we know that the vast majority of medical employees are hard-working and skilled professionals but the constant level of pressure imposed on these people makes it very difficult for them to do their job in an effective manner.

As you’d expect, politicians like Simon Stevens and Jeremy were in the firing line of Mr Hopson and he called for honest conversations over a deliverable plan for the NHS. The main aspect he was looking to introduce was more relaxed performance targets which would be classed as achievable. There is no denying that continually failing targets is an issue for organisations but it may be that the fault is because the targets are unrealistic as opposed to employees failing in their duties.

There is no doubt that there are many things the NHS should be doing better, and this is definitely something that has to be worked on. However, there is a need to understand that the work rate and efforts of NHS leaders and employees is ensuring the organisation continues to operate in the way it is doing. Things could be considerably worse when it comes to the NHS these days.



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