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NHS needs a long term plan

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10 APR 2018

One of the biggest issues in life is trying to balance short-term needs with long-term goals. If you continually think about the short-term, it is likely that you will never make much progress, going from day to day. If you focus solely on the long-term, there is a very good chance that you will never reach your destination because of the challenges associated with short-term matters not being met. This is true for all people and families, but it is also the case for the NHS and in recent weeks, there have been increasing calls for a sustainable long-term plan from the Government.

Prime Minister Theresa May says that the Government is nearly ready to announce such a plan for the NHS in the next few months and there have been promised made about a “a multi-year funding settlement”. This move come on the back of similar claims being made by Jeremy Hunt, who has called for a longer-term settlement with respect to funding to remove the need for the annual top-ups and additional funding for the NHS budget.

The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying “We can’t wait until next Easter, in the 70th year we need an answer” and that the new plan should develop on the Five Year Forward View while also looking beyond it.

MPs have been briefed about changes regarding NHS

The Prime Minister addressed MPs in greater detail about the Commons Liaison Committee and like Hunt, she spoke of the need to get away from the annual pressures regarding the NHS budget. There is no denying that a smarter approach to the NHS funding issue could alleviate a lot of the annual pressure but there is a need to be realistic as to what can be achieved within the NHS. There is a significant level of demand placed on the organisation and it is unlikely that short-term solutions are going to make a difference.

Medical professionals must be involved with the process

One issue that has been addressed by the Prime Minister is the fact that it is the professionals who work in the NHS who are most likely to understand the problems the organisation faces. It is also these professionals who will most likely have ideas as to how move forward in a very challenging situation. If there is to be a long-term development for the NHS, it needs to be undertaken with the health experts, medical professionals and clinicians to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.

At Atlantis Medical, we understand the pressure the NHS is under and we know the dangers of short-term approaches. It is understandable that many decisions are taken in the short-term, and this will help many people, but when it comes to moving the NHS forward and developing confidence in the organisation, there is a need to look at the overall picture.

The fact that there is acceptance over a need to look long-term in the NHS is promising but the Government must act and show that they offer more than platitudes.


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