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NHS needs to tackle health inequality

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09 MAY 2018

With the NHS looking forward to its 70th birthday in July of this year, it is agreed that there is a lot of work to be done to ensure that the organisation can celebrate in style. It would be impossible to ensure that everything relating to the organisation was in good health in time for the anniversary but there are some things that need to be tackled to ensure the NHS can celebrate many more years in the future.

One of the key issues now is the need to reduce health inequality. However, the NHS has very little influence in this matter and it could be argued that the NHS is one of the few places where socioeconomic status doesn’t matter. The reason that the NHS is the pride of the country and the envy of so many other countries around the world lies in the fact that it is a service that is open to all.

The NHS must cover up a lot of problems in society
If you were looking at the factors that have the largest impact on health, and health equality, you would find issues like housing, social support, employment prospects, public health services, the environment and food and drink to be hugely important. Some of these issues and areas have been poorly served for an extended period of time and it is no surprise to learn that many people are struggling to be healthy or to enjoy their health.

While the NHS has a huge role to play in everyday lives, the NHS is only one component of the overall healthcare system. The fact that the underlying causes are deteriorating rapidly is a huge factor in the downturn of the NHS and why it is under so much pressure these days. The issues that rise due to reduced funding in housing and social care will often end up at the doorstep of the NHS, forcing more pressure onto the professionals that work in this sector.

The NHS faces elevated levels of pressure
It is correct to say that there are concerns about the long-term future of the NHS. With the organisation being forced to mop up so many of the problems and issues in the country, it is perhaps inevitable that the NHS falls short of lofty expectations and perhaps even realistic hopes. Unless there are changes to the way the NHS is funded, it is likely that a universal healthcare system will be an unaffordable entity in the United Kingdom.

At Atlantis Medical, we have witnessed these changes and we know the pressure that the NHS is under. So many aspects of everyday life are being left to waste and the NHS is relied on to step in and provide solutions. This has left a toll on the NHS and it is unlikely that this will be allowed to continue for much longer.

It is right to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS but there is also a need to make changes to the organsation.


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