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NHS Nurses Listed In Queens Honours List

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11 JUL 2017

When it comes to giving thanks to people in the medical profession, it can often seem as though there is no way to say thank you in a sufficient manner. The hard work and effort of nurses, doctors and everyone in the healthcare sector is often a tireless and thankful job but millions of people know that they, or their loved ones, wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the support provided by the healthcare experts. Yes, the NHS has seen better days but it is still the envy of the world. There are a number of factors in why this is the case but it would be fair to say that the effort, energy, experience and expertise of the medical professionals in the UK is a big factor in why so many people around the world still love and praise the NHS.

This is why there should be no surprise to learn that 21 nurses were named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. No matter what you think of the Royal Family or an establishment acknowledgment like the Honours List, the real power of these awards comes when they are provided to hard-working people who just go about their daily business. Yes, it is the celebrity names and awards that grab the most media attention but when it comes to acknowledging the work of people who don’t actively seek fame or acclaim for their work, there is an argument that there is still a place for the Honours List in modern society.

A lot of people work tirelessly to support patients
One example of a worthy recipient of an honour is Crystal Oldman. Crystal received a CBE in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours list, and many people have expressed their joy at Crystal receiving this award. She is the Chief Executive of the Queen’s Nursing Institute and the amount of passion and energy she has shown in supporting nursing care in the community is a huge factor in the acknowledgment. Even hard working nurses need someone championing their cause and fighting in their corner and it would be fair to say that this is an area that Crystal Oldman has excelled in.

Another recipient of the CBE was Jean White, who is the Chief Nursing Officer for Wales. Jean has devoted much of her working life in trying to improve the standard of patient care, something which is at the heart of nursing. There was also an accolade for Professor Belinda Dewar, hailing from the University of West of Scotland, who received an OBE.

At Atlantis Medical, we know the hard work and effort that goes into providing healthcare services and we know that the conditions are becoming more challenging and trying as the weeks and months go by. It would be impossible to properly acknowledge and thank all of the healthcare professionals who work so hard to help others, so these awards should be seen as being for the whole community and industry.



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