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NHS offering wearable tech to shift weight

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20 AUG 2019

Given the NHS is strapped for cash, there will be concerns about plans to invest in wearable fitness technology for patients. These devices are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and most importantly, prices.

Plans which have been discussed in the media of late focus on the use of tech devices in the £435 a head slimming scheme offered by the NHS. The programme aims to deliver up to 40,000 devices, such as a FitBit, to people to help them lose weight and dramatically reduce their likelihood of developing diabetes.

GPs have been set a target of enrolling 200,000 people each year into the scheme. Patients will receive cooker advice and access to exercise classes in an attempt to help them manage and control their weight.

However, patients who struggle to make progress will be afforded additional support. It is these patients who will receive wearable tech and who will undergo digital healthy living classes.

Trial periods have been a success

The trial period for the scheme has been a success. 70% of triallists managed to remain on the course, which fares well with the 50% return experienced by face to face classes. Also, for younger people, the digital course was found to be twice as popular. Therefore, if something is going to deliver results, it makes sense to give people support in an effective manner.
Public Health England’s Dr Jennifer Smith said: “Many of us use on-the-go digital technology every day and this is a fabulous next step in diabetes prevention.”

Given the cost of obesity to the NHS, it makes sense to take significant steps to help people lose weight. The health risks and problems associated with being overweight are well-known, and it is not as though people are unaware of the difficulties associated with being overweight.
However, it can be challenging to lose weight. Therefore, effectively spending money will make a difference, and if it can transform people’s lives for the better, it will be money well spent.

Wearable tech helps people lose weight

While some people view wearable technology as a fashionable trend, there is no denying it delivers results for a considerable amount of people. This positive outcome is down to the fact it forces people to be responsible, and it creates a record of what people are doing.

Even though losing weight is difficult for many people, the mechanics behind weight loss are simple. Being mindful of your calories and being more active is the platform for sustained weight loss. The use of wearable technology motivates people to be active, and over time, this is where lasting results are made.

At Atlantis Medical, we appreciate the NHS is struggling financially. We know some people have concerns about spending money on this form of technology. However, given the expected results through using this technology, it is likely to be money well-spent by the Government. Anything which helps people to be more active in life is positive, and this may be money well spent by the NHS.


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