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NHS thanked by Bradley Lowery’s mum

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24 JUL 2017

Every so often there are things that touch people’s lives in a real and tangible manner. It is easy for many people to criticise football these days and you’ll find many people horrified at the sort of money that footballers in the top leagues in Britain can earn. There is a gulf between these footballers and everyday people, and for a lot of people, the sport has lost a lot of its charm and glory. However, football is still a game that matters to many people, it is a game that brings people together and it can be a force for good when it is channelled in the proper manner.

Football can be a force for good

A great example of how football can be a rallying factor has been seen in the life of Bradley Lowery. Bradley, who sadly lost his fight with neuroblastoma in early July, came to prominence through his role as a football mascot and through being given support from a number of clubs. Bradley may have been a Sunderland fan but clubs across the country were more than happy to open their hearts to the youngster, with fans all across the country rooting for Bradley to get better. The way that Jermain Defoe formed a friendship with the youngster was touching.

There were many public moments between the two, including at Wembley Stadium when Defoe had forced his way back into the English national team but there is no doubt that the strongest moments came away from the public. The actions of Jermain Defoe have helped reminded many people that footballers can be a good influence and while this has been a huge sporting year, there are strong calls for Defoe to be named as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in December.

NHS staff were “amazing”

There is no doubt that many people have been touched by Bradley and his family, and Bradley’s mum Gemma has been quick to thank the staff of the NHS who she classed as “amazing”. There is no getting away from the fact that even though there is so much negativity around the NHS these days, the work undertaken by the professionals is of a high standard. There is a reason the NHS is still regarded as an example of great healthcare for the world, and it is the work and effort of the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals who keep the service going.

The fact that a mum who had just lost her son was able to take the time to thank the NHS for their great work and effort in supporting Bradley shows the work that is being carried out. This is a situation that many of us cannot begin to comprehend but even in such a difficult time, Gemma Lowery was able to thank the people who had helped her son.

At Atlantis Medical, like everyone else across the country, we were touched by Bradley’s bravery and enjoyed seeing his smile light up football stadiums across the UK. We also know that NHS professionals did everything they could to give Bradley support and comfort throughout his battle.



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