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Nurses denied training and development opportunities

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22 MAY 2018

One of the most important things for any employer is to provide employees with suitable and sufficient training. There is a wide range of benefits associated with training and sufficient training and development has long been regarded as a crucial factor in retaining employees within an organisation. Given the stress and pressure that NHS employees face, and the rate of nurses leaving, you would think that training and development as a means of retaining staff would become a pressing matter.

However, there are many pressing matters in the NHS and it appears there are many reasons why training is not being offered to nurses. The Royal College of Nursing has created a report into this matter citing the following reasons that nurses are denied the training they need to remain up to date with clinical practice:

• Winter pressures
• Funding cuts
• Staff shortages

The College has pointed out that employees run the risk of not staying up to date with the most recent clinical developments. When you consider that these matters take treatments of diabetes, cancer and heart disease into consideration, it is not too much of an assumption to suggest that patient safety is being placed at risk due to this action.

Nurses careers are being placed at risk with a lack of training
There have even been situations when a lack of training means that nurses have not been able to retain their place on the register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This means that a lack of training can have a negative impact on their career, and this is something that could have an enormous impact on nurses and even people who are considering entering the nursing profession.

The requirements of revalidation ensure that nurses must carry out 35 hours of continuing professional development every three years or they are not able to practice or remain on the NMC register.

Patients health is being placed at risk
The Department of Health and Social Care released a statement saying; “The NHS would collapse without our wonderful nurses – the fact that the NHS is ranked as the safest healthcare system in the world is a testament to their skill and dedication. It’s essential that individual NHS employers – who remain responsible for funding this specific type of training – support staff to develop and grow their skills, so that they can meet the requirements of their role.”

At Atlantis Medical, we appreciate that NHS Trusts and Departments are under severe pressure when it comes to aspects like staff training. However, it is essential that nurses and medical professionals can stay in touch with the latest trends, techniques and practices.

This is important for nurses with respect to their career development but more importantly, it is essential for the health and care of patients. There is a need to ensure nurses are up to date with the best practices and techniques associated with caring for people because without this, people’s health is being put at risk.


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celestina anyanwu 16/06/2018

this is an important aspect in the life of a nurse that should not be neglected. Employers should send their nurses to courses at lease twice a year for developmental upkeep