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Private healthcare sector coasting and bailed out by NHS

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16 MAY 2018

You would think that safety is paramount for hospitals in the private sector, but Jeremy Hunt has accused some of the organisations of casing when it comes to safety of patients. The Health and Social Care Secretary has issued a warning that these hospitals may have to compensate the NHS when they step in as the “hospital of last resort”.

This occurs when patients are transferred to the NHS or they are admitted for emergency care. Hunt has written to the Chief Executive of the independent sector hospital provider outlining his concerns and detailing the way that changes may be made to their organisation. The comments made by the politician are aimed at independent hospitals who treat patients that are funded by the NHS and to the ones offering non-NHS funded support and care.

The Health and Social Care Secretary is not happy

In an interview with HSJ, Jeremy Hunt said; “It’s sadly not the case that just because you have a nice reception and carpeted corridors that automatically means that care is going to be of an equally high quality.”
It will come as no surprise that even though the NHS is derided by many people, it acts a safety net. This is just one of the fantastic services provided by the NHS, proving that it is a health care sector for everyone, even when people had previously turned their back on it. There is no safety net for the NHS these days, so the fact that it provides a dependable service in trying circumstances should be commended and prized.

The NHS needs financial support

Given the NHS is under severe financial pressure, this is a cost that it doesn’t need to be dealing with. Therefore, it is pleasing to see this sort of call being made to ensure that NHS hospitals receive fair remuneration.

Some of the measures that Mr Hunt is looking to introduce will focus on improving the standard of transparency. This may include the publication of more data pertaining to the quality of work being undertaken by private departments and organisations. There will also be a call for guarantees over the care provided to patients who are deteriorating in health and for a better standard of monitoring to be carried out on the work carried out by medical consultants working in private hospitals.

While criticising some of the standards held in private hospitals, Mr Hunt has praised the progress made within the NHS with respect to safety. This should be paramount to the work carried out by healthcare organisations these days, but with so many pressures from different angles, it is easy to see why it can be sometimes overlooked.

At Atlantis Medical, we know the fantastic work carried out by the NHS. We know that the National Health Service is often seen as the last resort, providing medical support when others won’t. It is essential that the NHS is properly compensated if this is the case, and this move will hopefully lead to an improvement in this matter.


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