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Saving time for Nurses will improve NHS

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20 FEB 2018

When you consider the financial constraints on the NHS these days, the decision to award £8.7m to ten firms that provide technology to NHS England is a big statement. This money is being passed to companies that are creating and developing technological products that will help to “future proof” general efforts and practices within the organisation. There is no doubt that questions will be asked about spending this amount of money when so many parts of the NHS require financial backing, but it is hoped that in the long term, this approach will make a difference and offer benefits to the NHS and to patients.

This funding has come about thanks to the Small Business Research Initiative, SBRI, Healthcare, which is a scheme that enable NHS England to work with leading health science networks in the country. The aim of these partnerships is to find technological products and solutions that will make improvements in the way patients are treated and to ensure that healthcare is provided in a more efficient manner.

Some companies will receive significant investment
A shortlist containing 22 companies was made up and from this, 10 products have been selected. These products will all receive funding of between £700,000 and £1m, which will enable development and testing in the year that lies ahead. As you would expect, these products will bring about support in a wide range of medical related areas. Some of the areas that will be focused on with the products include:

• A decide that helps GPs to diagnose bacterial infections
• A platform where patients suffering from diabetes can manage their condition themselves
• A device that allows people at home to communicate with a GP
• A platform that will allow affordable testing for sepsis
• A selfcare asthma monitor

All of these products have the potential to have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives. Even something as simple as making communication easier and more straightforward between patients and doctors has to be seen as a good thing, and this may help people to receive the support they need. If there are ways that provide doctors with more time to focus on their core activities, it will benefit the NHS in general, because this should provide these professionals with the chance to focus on more pressing matters.

Self-diagnosis can help people

Similarly, if self-diagnosis is possible, you will find that nurses will be placed under less pressure. This is something that is very important for the efficient running of the NHS and at Atlantis Medical, we believe improvements in this area will go a long way towards helping the NHS meet the ever-increasing needs of the modern era.

There will always be criticism of the NHS spending money, and therefore, it is vital that progress is seen to be made when money is spent by the NHS. Hopefully a substantial proportion of these products and devices will be able to show a positive return on investment and will also help people to feel at ease with the hanging healthcare environment.



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