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Sizable boost for NHS frontline staff

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25 SEP 2019

The employees at the frontline of the NHS arguably have the toughest roles in the organisation. The healthcare professionals who deal with the public day in and day out bear the brunt of frustration and anger felt by many. There is no denying that the NHS is not at the level it once was, and that many patients lives are at risk.

While most patients and their loved ones who have dealings with the NHS understand the faults lie at a higher level than the people on the frontline, these are the people who face the public. Sadly, this means this is a group of people who have the most significant issues.

NHS frontline employees need full support

There is a need for support and backing from higher up the management chain, but more importantly, there is a need for assistance in helping these people do their job. An announcement from the Chancellor suggests that over £200m is heading the way of the frontline NHS staff.

Sajid Javid, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said; “This is a Spending Round to support and celebrate our public services, getting cash to those on the frontline, including delivering on our promises to the NHS. Our nurses, midwives and other dedicated NHS professionals care for us when we need it most, so it’s right that we support them to develop rewarding and fulfilling careers, and continue to deliver the highest standards of care for patients.”

Funding is available for education and development

The funding includes £1,000 in the personal development budget for every nurse, midwife and allied health professional. This money will be used to assist the individual learning and development of these professionals over the next three years. There is also money for education and training budgets, aimed at delivering the NHS Long Term Plan.

Money is also allocated to improving working conditions in the health service, to retain nurses in the NHS for longer periods.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, also spoke about the funding, saying; “I love the NHS. I want to send a crystal-clear message that once you choose to join the NHS family, we will look after you from day one and help you develop the knowledge, skills and training you need to do the job you love for life. We must start by looking after the nurses, midwives, and other dedicated health professionals we have already got, so they choose to stay and pursue a lifelong career within our brilliant NHS. Ultimately it’s patients that will benefit from this, with even more motivated and highly trained staff providing the high-quality care they rightly expect.”

At Atlantis Medical, we know how hard frontline NHS employees work and the challenging conditions they face. Any support which helps them work more effectively or which reduces the strain on these professionals has to be applauded. We hope these measures come to fruition, and make working for the NHS a career for many people once again.


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