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What happens if no Brexit withdrawal agreement?

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30 NOV 2018

On the 11th of December, there will be a vote in the House of Commons to approve the departure of the UK from the EU. The Prime Minister is currently trying to drum up support and backing, but with a slim majority, there is a feeling that the PM won’t be able to get the motion passed.

All it would take is seven rebels within the Conservative Party to vote against Theresa May and the motion would not be approved. When a Prime Minister has a working majority of only 13 people, this scenario is never too far away.

In fact, a study undertaken by researchers at the BBC found that 81 Conservative MPs have objections to the deal that the Prime Minister looks to agree with the EU. Given that Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and even the DUP are likely to vote down the motion, it appears the agreement is unlikely to be passed.

However, if the withdrawal agreement isn’t approved, what happens next for Britain?

At Atlantis Medical, we have an interest in knowing what happens next. We have helped the NHS provide a service to patients for some time, and we know the pressure the organisation is under. However, with so much uncertainty, it is not clear what the impact will be if the UK leaves the EU with no deal in place. Every citizen should have concerns as to what will happen but with respect to medical treatment and services, there is a need for urgent clarity.

The 29th of March 2019 is Brexit Day and this is in place under EU Law and the Withdrawal Act of the UK. At 11 pm on this date, all EU treaties will no longer apply in the United Kingdom.

Options the PM could consider if the deal is not initially passed include:

• Theresa May could attempt again to pass the withdrawal deal through the House of Commons
• Further attempts could be made to persuade the EU to amend their agreement
• Hold another referendum
• Hold a General Election
• Try to implement a negotiated No Deal – where the UK would hold a one-year membership (paid) of the EU before exiting on WTO terms.

Answers are needed and soon

These options are far from ideal, and some of the options will require Brexit to be delayed. There will be support for this outcome, but many others would consider it a betrayal. There is also the concern that many MPs personal ambitions will override their thought and voting process, so there is no guarantee that a decision made will be for the best of the country.

There has never been any clarity regarding Brexit and the closer it looms, the greater the uncertainty over what will happen to the country. For the sake of the National Health Service and the health of millions of UK residents, there needs to be clarity soon. Even if the outcome is not to people’s preferences, there needs to be a path created so organisations like the NHS can make informed plans.


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Michael 07/12/2018

When going to negotiate on behalf of a company or country you have your set out plan that need to be met, anything different from that, you end the negotiation and walk out, if there is no deal British should walk out with their head held high