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Will the NHS be privatised?

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10 AUG 2018

While there have been many opinions and claims about the NHS of late, one of the most commonly repeated discussions is that people are trying to privatise the NHS. Given that the NHS is the envy of the world, you would think that this is strange but equally, you can see why there is a huge opportunity to make money through the privatisation of one of the most famous names in the world.
However, there will many people who argue in detail that the NHS is not being privatised and that this is not part of the agenda in the UK.

Not everyone believes the NHS will be privatised

The argument against the notion of the NHS being privatised is based on several principles, including:
Some people believe the fact that there won’t be shares issued in the NHS means that it won’t be privatised
Others believe the fact that no firm or shareholder will desire to carry an uncapped population wide risk for healthcare
These are valid points and it is true to say that no one will every fully privatise the NHS as it wouldn’t make good business sense. There is of course an argument that certain parts of the NHS will be hived off to the highest bidder while the aspects that no enterprise would like to deal with will be left with the Government and local authorities to contend with.

In many ways, the issue of the NHS being privatised is often down to an issue of semantics and the speaker’s viewpoint. There will be many people who will argue until they are blue in the face that the NHS will not be privatised and of course, they will always be able to point to some wording or agreement that means they will be correct.

Not every part of the NHS is profitable or attractive to investors

Then again, this will come as no comfort to people who find themselves unable to receive medical care or attention due to key services being placed into private hands and what is left of the NHS being left to toil behind.

At Atlantis Medical, we find it easy to see why so many people would have an interest in privatising the NHS. This is a fantastic organisation with tremendous employees who make a significant difference in the everyday lives of so many people around the country. This is exactly the sort of impact and workforce that makes private investors eyes light up.

There is however a danger though that a movement away from the NHS that has been known and loved for more than 70 years now will work against the organisation. Team members who work tirelessly now out of a sense of duty to an organisation they care about may not longer have the same incentive. Improved financial inducements may improve the standard of work rate amongst some people but given that many nurses and medical professionals have stated that their drive for work comes from helping the needy and backing an organisation that has cared for their loved ones, it may be that a privatisation of the NHS fails to capitalise on its strengths.


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