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World No Tobacco Day

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08 MAY 2019

Friday the 31st of May 2019 is World No Tobacco Day. While most people know the danger of tobacco, and the negative impact it has on lives, many people still smoke. Nicotine is an addictive substance and the people who smoke do so knowing it is likely to harm them and hamper their health.

With the NHS under considerable pressure, there is a need to look for ways that will help people to improve their health and fitness. Exercises that help people to reduce how much they smoke go a long way to ensuring people lead better lives, which can positively impact on the NHS.

Given that Cardiovascular diseases kill more people than any other form of death, it is understandable that there is a desire to reduce these diseases. Studies have shown tobacco, and the impact of second-hand exposure to smoke leads to 17% of all deaths from heart disease. Studies also indicate tobacco lies only behind high blood pressure for leading causes of CVD.

Tobacco is responsible for 7 million deaths each year

Take on board the fact that tobacco is responsible for more than 7 million deaths every year. Even though smokers know the risks of their activity, many non-smokers are affected by their actions. Around 900,000 non-smokers die every year from breathing in other people’s smoke. Therefore, with people who don’t smoke also being affected by tobacco, there is a need to do more to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, and in helping people stop smoking.

There is a great deal of social concern when it comes to smoking. Of the one billion smokers around the world, close to 80% live in low-and-middle-income countries. Even in the United Kingdom, the impact of tobacco on low-and middle-income areas is vast. There are other health concerns for people in these areas to contend with, but the effect of smoking exacerbates the problems.

The NHS needs support in this area

This problem is why the NHS needs to do more in the fight against smoking, and it is why the NHS needs help in this line of work. If there were more done to prevent people from smoking and offer solutions that allow people to lead a healthier lifestyle, there would be less pressure placed on the NHS.

In turn, this reduction in pressure on the NHS would free more money and time to work on other issues. Some people moan about smokers and obese people taking up so much time and resources, limiting what the NHS can do. Everyone deserves healthcare support, but in the areas where prevention is possible, it makes sense to focus on helping people to help themselves.

At Atlantis Medical, we know the problems caused by tobacco and the pressure it places on healthcare professionals. World No Tobacco Day is a step in the right direction, providing a focus which will hopefully help people to lead healthier lives. Days like these where additional information and guidance is offered to people not only help these individuals and their loved ones, it can assist the NHS to provide a better standard of care to patients.


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