Atlantis Medical


BMS Candidate

Jun 2023

I have had and currently have an overall positive experience with Atlantis Medical.

When I first contacted them I was promptly asked to provide information about what exactly I was looking for. At my first assessment and phone interview with my consultant, all my preferences have been taken note and I have been offered potencial jobs accordingly, until, a few months later, I finally got one position that was matching what I was looking for in many aspects, like location, job description and pay rate. Their communication have been positive and effecient at all times and everybody's been nice and helpful to me.

I'm currently happy working in Scotland as a biomedical scientist thanks to Atlantis Medical team, namely Kizzie, Majid and Igor for guiding me through my compliance process and specially my consultant Romi who has been with me through all the process.

Thank you!

Nina V.


December 2023

Testimonial for Mr Malcolm Vernon

I have known Malcolm since October 2018 and he's been my consultant upon this time.

He is very dedicated person and make sure he find me shifts. He always put his best to everything he does.

He is very polite, professional in handling cases and calm.

Please if you need further information about Malcolm, do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards

Olayinka Ojo

Staff nurse